How Can A Health Coach Help Restore My Body?

A health coach is trained to guide clients on their journey to transformational health.  Most people are living with sick bodies - diagnosed or not.  After years of eating the American diet, many people have been blindly poisoning their bodies.     

Most of the foods eaten contains ingredience that causes allergies, clogging of the arteries, inflammation, and much more.  With the help of a functional nutritionist coach or practitioner, the body can be restored to health.

Restorative health is not a surgery or magic pills.  It is a journey that includes changes in lifestyle such as switching to wholes foods or plant-based eating, exercise, as well as stress relief and restorative sleep practices.  

Are Your Dealing with Pain, Stiffness, Lack of Energy, and Just Not Feeling Like Yourself?

If your answer is YES, you are in the right place.  With the use of functional health medicine and nutrition, you will experience transformational health.  Once you receive a personalized assessment, you will begin to work the transformational plan to heal your body.  You will learn the importance of detoxing the body seasonally; eating a whole foods plant-based diet; getting restorative sleep and much more.  

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The myths about cleansing and detoxing the body.

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Praise and Testimonials

I found the 90-Day Transformation program was personalized just for you. It evaluates your lifestyle and addresses all issues and/or obstacles that would hinder your success while providing solutions that are attainable.  Jennifer Marshall was an excellent health coach.  She was very positive and encouraging. I was so satisfied with my experience that I convinced my husband to work with her as well and we both signed up for the 14-Day Cleanse.

Racine Williams Counselor

Jennifer's tips and practices during the 90-Day Weight-Loss Transformational program helped me change how I thought about certain foods and enhanced my journey. I also liked the use of Zoom for our one-on-one weekly meetings.  It was very good to keep me focused during the meeting. Also, while doing the 90-Day program I also did the 14-Day Cleanse.  And I liked the private Facebook group Jennifer created for the detox.  It created additional support for everyone during the 14 days.

Cherisse Mungal  IT Manager

Jenn, I learned some good habits during the cleanse. I am staying off bread, excess sugar, and bag foods.  Still haven't needed my daily cup of coffee since the cleanse, which is pretty good!

Aaron Marshall Financial Consultant

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